Hello! We’re glad you’re here.

He’s Mike, I’m Sydney, and together we are the “Handy Havrilchaks.” Neither of us sit still for very long, we both like doing improving our home, and our shared passion for do-it-yourself projects has inspired our many projects, big and small. Honestly, whenever I look at Mike and say “You know what would be really cool?” he should turn and walk away, yet he never does, bless his heart.

We live in Holly Springs, North Carolina and we are raising a blended family of six boys (yes, all BOYS!), two dogs, and a quarantine kitty. Our life together “officially” started in September 2019 when Mike moved from California, to join me here in North Carolina –> that’s a story for another post in and of itself. Ever since we have been happily and busily making our house a home.

Mike is a natural when it comes to building things – he has worked in construction since he was 19 years old, and I am the the visionary – I studied Interior Design and Architecture in college. At the urging of our friends we created a website to start documenting our projects.

Then COVID happened… quarantine, working from home, and having very few remaining home improvement projects left around our house was a huge challenge for us. One day a neighbor asked who could help them build a trash enclosure and we jumped at the opportunity to build it. That neighbor posted our project to our neighborhood FaceBook page and boom – a business was born! In December of 2020, Mike left his full time job in construction management to pursue our small business full time, and we’ve been busy ever since.

When we’re not busy doing jobs for our friends and neighbors, working on projects around our own house, or spending time with our kids, we can be found working on our newest project – The Craftsman Cottage. In November 2022, we purchased a 99 year old craftsman style home in serious need of renovation and restoration.

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