He’s Mike, I’m Sydney, and together we are the “Handy Havrilchaks.” Neither of us sit still for very long, we both like doing improving our home, and our shared passion for do-it-yourself projects has inspired our many projects, big and small. Honestly, whenever I look at Mike and say “You know what would be really cool?” he should turn and walk away, yet he never does, bless his heart.

We live in Holly Springs, North Carolina and we are raising a blended family of six boys (yes, all BOYS!) and two miniature schnauzers, Pan and Tink, and a quarantine kitten we adopted named Dobby.

Our life together “officially” started in September 2019 when Mike left his life long home in Southern California, to join me here in North Carolina –> that’s a story for another post in and of itself. Ever since we have been happily and busily making our house a home, and we figured it was finally time to start documenting our projects (ok, ok… our friends have been encouraging us to document our projects).

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